Let's tokenize the world

With the Gudix® DAG DLT Token Technology you can create your own non-fungible token NFT within a few seconds, give it a value and have your data safely available whenever and wherever you want.

What are Non-fungible token NFT?

A token is a digital key to a data record or a digitized value. You can generate the value yourself. We evaluate, sign and standardize to exchange.

How is a token created?

A token can be generated via the Gudix® DAG DLT Token Technology on the website or via the API interface. The token is cryptographically secured by a Gudix® Nut.

What are Gudix® Nuts

Gudix Nuts are utility tokens for the use of the Gudix DAG DLT token technology. With a Gudix Nut you can secure a data record cryptographically and save it in the database.

How many tokens can you create?

You can create as many tokens as you want and determine the units of the tokens yourself. A token can consist of 1 to 100 billion units.

Can you buy something with a token?

The purchasing power of a token arises with the value that is assigned to the token. With the Gudix DAG DLT token technology we sign the value of the token. If the token has a signed value of 100 euros, you can use the token to buy for 100 euros.

How can I make my token more valuable?

By integrating further Gudix Nuts.

gudix networker

Universally applicable

We deliver the technology, what kind of token you create is up to you. You can use any type of token.

easy handling

Just create your personal token with a password further down the page. You can save your data using the login function.


Each token can be linked to another token via the nullet (wallet). Every nullet is compatible with every token. No exchanges are necessary to exchange tokens.

Value creation

A token becomes more valuable with the number of nuts you use for your token. You can easily buy nuts or you can create them. We offer various options for creating nuts. We take the value of the nuts that we sign from our exchange.


We guarantee you 100% anonymous use of the Gudix Token technology. No traceability and no records as long as you control your Nullet via the API interface.

Nuts Exchange

Our exchange to buy or sell nuts is accessible via the user interface. In order to use the exchange, you have to create a user account and log in.

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