Our Company

... the Gudix company, a system developer made in Switzerland. Our team consists of developers and creative minds. As a modern and technologically advanced company, we have been developing a digital ecosystem since the beginning of 2020. We enable independent people to monetize their performance via our platform. Our brand is at the center of the system. The gudix brand is our fuel. The stronger the brand, the higher the value of the services.

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Our Offer

We offer a platform through which our partners can map economic conditions, optimize and expand them in order to become more efficient and generate intrinsic value.


Learning and growing is our foundation. In everything we do, we orient ourselves to the current and prospective value. We know that progress is a matter of choice and discipline.

our mission

Nature shows us that we have to use exponentially more energy to reach an absolute limit. In order to exploit the full potential, we have to develop systems that optimize existing processes and give scope for expansion. Our mission is to create something that has abstract value, is objectively interchangeable and can grow exponentially through synergy.

The Goal

Our goal is to own the most valuable brand in the world. Our brand should be understood in such a way that contractual partners receive and generate added value through the mere use of the brand. The Gudix brand should imply growth.

why gudix®

We asked ourselves what is the core of every company and how we can optimize it. The goal is to reach your full potential. In doing so, we found that it was all about value, commitment, transaction and time. We have developed a platform with which we can automate and optimize business processes and imply additional value. We don't want to waste time because time is more valuable than money. We make things more valuable!

Your product,
our brand

As a licensed partner, you have the right to use the Gudix brand. You create a digital image of your property and combine it with the Gudix brand.

Increasing brand value

Using a complex measurement process, we continuously measure the Gudix brand value. If the Gudix brand becomes more valuable, so will your product. As a licensed partner, the added value is paid out to you every day!

Realize your full potential

With Gudix you concentrate on your potential, everything else can be digitized and automated. Do you still work or do you live already?

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