Our Company

... the Gudix company, a system developer made in Switzerland. Our team consists of developers and creative minds. As a modern and technologically advanced company, we have been developing a digital ecosystem since the beginning of 2020. We enable independent people to monetize their performance via our platform. Our brand is at the center of the system. The gudix brand is our fuel. The stronger the brand, the higher the value of the services.

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Our Offer

We offer our partners a platform to develop and market their own commercial subsystems. Our members create systems of value creation through replication, marketing, sales, eCommerce, recruitment and information selling.


Learning and growing is our foundation. In everything we do, we focus on the current and long-term value of our work. Today's system makes it possible to invest in any form and to benefit tomorrow. Nothing is free and everything is precious.

The Goal

As a market developer, we want to prove ourselves in the supreme discipline. Our product is abstract, valuable, flexible, intellectual and potent. We call it private tokenization.

our mission

Our mission is to enable simple tokenization for private users. A user can create a token, make it more valuable and offer it for sale. With an open interface, we enable commercials to accept private tokens.

Head of Gudix

Daniel Gutmann Head of Gudix

Daniel Gutmann

Since things are not infrequently floating around in my head that do not exist in reality, I claim that this is creativity. I like to understand connections and am ready to look for the causes. I don't like to explain things multiple times, but I understand why.

Wer stehen bleibt, verliert.

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