Gudix® Core Network DAG

The Gudix Core consists of a network of tokenized information and functions. Decentralized complete systems or peer-2-peer systems will help to map and transfer values in a forgery-proof manner. The Gudix Core creates a digital signature of the information to be displayed and validates the transactions.

Gudix network - Core System

With the network core system, a secure transaction of different types of values is guaranteed. The Nullet is a store of values and sends a value to a receiver, the receiver. This process is commonly known as a transaction. Every transaction needs a nut. Every transaction, regardless of the value and the value weighting, needs a nut. A nut is related to functions that must be performed every time a nut is moved or used. The core network only reacts to nuts.


The core system only reacts to nut transactions. The value that is transferred is tied to the nut and secured via a hash. The nut is the only compatible element in the core. The contained or connected value is variable, whereby a nut is always a nut, but serves as a cryptographic salt. Nuts have the function of attaching a transaction in the network to the appropriate place, while looking for a nullets that holds an unconfirmed transaction. By attaching to the unconfirmed transaction, the network validates and confirms the previous transaction. The confirmation runs via Merkle Tree validation. One tree chains the transactions together, the other tree chains the nullets. Both chains are connected to one another by the transactions. A network is builded. If a transaction is manipulated, the network recognizes the change using the hash algorithm. If a nullet is manipulated, the network also recognizes this by comparing the two Merkle trees.


The core system cannot be touched directly by a user, transactions can only be carried out via the nullets using nuts. The nullets stands between the user and the core system. The user can store any value in his nullet, the nullet hashes and encrypts the value and binds a nut to the value. The nut leads to the transaction in the core system. Since the core system only accepts nuts, the user is only entitled to add a transaction if he uses a nuts.

Decentralized signature

The core is a network, a network of transactions, validations, Merkle trees that cannot be falsified. The core consists of functions that have no contact with the outside world. The core takes on the function of security, integration and signature in the background. If a transaction is carried out and completed successfully, it is signed and sent to the Nullet. The nullet contain the mapped value that was entered by the user and signed by the core. Every value that is stored in a nullet was issued by the core as a signed image. In order to have your own value signed via the core, the value must first be ordered in the core. The core creates an image of the value that is to be used and delivers the signature to the creator. A token has been created. Users create their own digital networks, values, transactions and systems at the push of a button. The core system watches over what is happening in the background and takes on the task of the decentralized signature. The core system has the task of signing and validating transactions from decentralized systems. Like an independent auditor, the core monitors external systems.

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