Become part of something big as a Network Ambassador. The Ambassador creates brand equity through brand strength.
As an ambassador, be part of a network that generates digital brand value.

Gudix® Ambassador

The Gudix® Ambassador is a licensed brand ambassador who is in cooperation with Gudix GmbH. The Gudix brand is at the center of the ambassador, he loves and lives our philosophy. The ambassador identifies with the Gudix brand and promotes Gudix GmbH products and services. In addition, as a licensed cooperation partner, he has the right to incorporate the Gudix brand into his own portfolio.

The brand ambassador influences the performance of the Gudix brand.

Why should you register?

As an ambassador you are a freelancer, your own boss. You bring in your own creative ideas, create your own marketing campaigns and execute them in a targeted manner. Are you successful and ready to lead a team? Get more members into your team, train them to become Ambassador Stars and playfully lead them to the top of the leaderboard.

As a networker, you earn Gudix Nuts, which you can sell on the marketplace
As a networker, you earn brand shares, the Gudix Nuts

What does a Gudix® Ambassador earn?

As a brand ambassador, we involve you in the brand that you make strong and valuable through your work. You can sell your shares, which we call Gudix® Nuts, at any time.