The algorithm that creates value and delivers it to subjects.

Genesis - algorithmic valuation and creation of value

Gudix rewards subjects (ambassadors) through performance. A low performance is worth less than a high one. The performance is an organically calculated parameter between 0 and 100, a snapshot. Your measured activities and your status quo are compared to other ambassadors in your area. The performance is influenced to a small extent by the performance of other ambassadors and vice versa. In your opinion, the Ambassador with Performance 100 is the best performer in your environment. Where, on the other hand, the performance of the top performer is not necessarily 100 from his point of view. On this basis, the ambassador can optimize his performance and check the progress instantly.

The performance is a snapshot in the rootsystem. The root system is a multidimensional network, a matrix, through which value is strengthened and rezoned. The source of the value creation is determined via the root system.

Genesis is an algorithm that continuously evaluates the brand and distributes the excess value based on the data obtained. A high performance by the ambassador is an indication of the extent to which the ambassador has an influence on the evaluation through his behavior and his portfolio. Low performance results from relatively little contribution and little value. Genesis uses the data from the root system to determine the brand value and plays value back to the value sources.

The Genesis algorithm is constantly being developed. Its task is to determine how much surplus value is distributed to which subjects. Various factors are taken into account in solving this problem. A principle for assessment is that the distribution is as fair as possible.

First object

Log in and create your first object in the dashboard, which should automatically generate profit. Name your object with a unique identification and define in how many units it should be divided. To create the object, you need nuts. You can get these either in the nuts exchange or here. It is best to buy a few nuts in advance so that you are flexible.

Create a Object in the dashboard
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Feed your object

Every nut has an intrinsic value. Feed your object with nuts to increase the value of your object. The higher the value of the nuts at the time of feeding, the more nuts you will get in the future. The value of your object is given as XCHF.

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Genesis Profit

The sum of all inner values XCHF of your objects results in the value for Genesis. Genesis is the vitalization program of the cloud and automatically pours out new nuts every day. Nuts have real value and can be traded on the Nuts Exchange. The profit can also be used to make your objects even more valuable. As long as the Genesis value is above 1, new nuts are generated every day.