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Gudix® Boot Camp

You are thinking of starting your business and don't feel like standing in front of the camera for YouTube videos? And the world of influencers on Instagram isn't for you? Advertisements have not yet paid off either? We have the solution! In the Gudix® Boot Camp you will learn how to pull the strings behind the scenes as a main actor.

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Gudix® Nuts
Brand Value

Gudix® Boot Camp is an digital course

As we understand, everything in life is sales. We are aimed at people who have not yet had the desired success in marketing and sales. No previous knowledge is required, we provide all information and all tools to understand a business and make it scalable.


Knowing this, you are definitely shaving the market. We show you the latest marketing trend with a 90% success rate.


We orientate ourselves on real market situations. You take a look behind the scenes of real companies that successfully implement our business knowledge.


Step by step we show in a concise work how values can be created, understood and sold.

Deep knowledge

You will see the world of marketing with different eyes. We concentrate on fundamental, deep knowledge and show connections.

Final test

After the boot camp you will have the opportunity to prove yourself as a new marketing genius. Only the best get an exclusive franchise agreement.


The unique combination of marketing, finance, technology and psychology shows the opportunities of modern concepts that will change your understanding of a business.

Consultant License

After working through the boot camp, you will take a voluntary final test. If you pass, you are an officially licensed Gudix ® Consultant. You will receive an exclusive franchise agreement and become part of a growing company.

Full-time or part-time

Whether a professional or a beginner, full-time or on the side, in the morning or in the evening, we offer full flexibility.

Business Mentoring

We deliver the consulting strategy that we successfully implement ourselves. Explained step by step.

Salary recommendation

You do not talk about money? What our top consultant earns weekly:

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Price-performance ratio

We work our way through the knowledge base together. In order to stay up to date, we are constantly expanding it. Do you have something to say? As a business member, we respond to your suggestions and additions and make the know-how available to the community.


Added value has its price. The Gudix Boot Camp costs CHF 1'000.-.

money back

If you are not satisfied, you can simply give the money back.


We guarantee: Success is not a coincidence. We can calculate your business and scale it.

added value

In addition to the knowledge imparted, you will get a franchising license after completing the test, which is worth more than CHF 1,000


Home office? no problem. Digital marketing on autopilot is possible.


With a Gudix franchising license you become a business mentor.

Your opinion, my opinion ...

Network Brand Ambassador Melina

Ich bin seit Beginn dabei und der Wert steigt mehr oder weniger konstant. Neben den gekauften Nuts verdien ich auch schon Nuts als Ambassador. Falls jemand Fragen hat, kann er mich gerne kontaktieren. Viele Grüsse, Melina 💚



Network Brand Ambassador Manuel

Der Inhalt ist gut und übersichtlich aufgebaut. 1000 Franken sind nicht gerade wenig, wie ich finde. Ich bin heute selbständiger Consultant. Den Store brauch ich nicht. Mein Fokus liegt auf dem Franchisingkonzept. Von dem her hat es sich gelohnt. Falls jemand mehr wissen will, schreibt mich an.


Selbständiger Consultant

disziplin des königs

Our brand is our fuel. As an intangible good, it has a recorded value on the balance sheet. A brand is similar to a patent and is often referred to as an intellectual property, we call it an intellectual good. Like a piece of jewelry, it can be sold or pledged. The Crypto Nuts are shares in the Gudix brand. As cryptographic units, the Gudix Nuts are digital packages with which we can do business.

With the world's first cryptographic brand, we own a product with which we are opening up a new market. We go the way of the king. Equipped with Gudix Nuts, the path of the modern and successful Gudix® Consultant begins right now.