Genesis - der Ursprung

Genesis is the independent regulation and funding module of the Gudix Ledger.

The job of Genesis is to ensure that enough transactions are carried out on the Gudix Ledger to vitalize it and secure transactions. Genesis tries to create new Gudix nuts every day based on organic parameters.

Genesis creates new nuts for every user every day as long as the Genesis value is above 1.

disziplin des königs

Your tokens are listed in the user account. You can manage them after log in. A token usually has a signed value that is specified in XCHF. The total XCHF of the entire portfolio is shown under the Genesis area as Total XCHF. Genesis calculates how many Gudix Nuts are produced DAILY on the basis of the total XCHF and the current market figures. If the Genesis value is 17.64, 17 nuts are created. Nuts are absolute units and cannot be decimated. Only whole Gudix Nuts can be produced. If the Genesis value falls below 1, no nuts are created. The Genesis value is recalculated several times a day.