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Interface booking
gudix token technolgy
Name Quant Price 24h GNX
SchaffhauserBatzen 44'000 0.40 - 11.369657
genix 2'100 1.40 - 1.42611
Genesis 111 1.00 - 0.011864
OneCoin 1'849 0.85 - 0.005486
FigeCoin 6'000 0.99 - 0.000942
Yobuco 100'000 0.01 - 0.000466

GENIX (GNX) - Variable APY

Variable Annual Percentage Yield

GENIX (GNX) denotes the annual return of a token as a percentage in the form of Gudix Nuts, which are automatically issued simply by owning the token. The value of the return is calculated by the Gudix Ledger via the Genesis regulation module and varies depending on the market situation. Genesis evaluates a token according to its effectively signed value, which is stored / signed in XCHF. A high signed value results in higher returns. GENIX (GNX) is calculated automatically without the influence of persons. Genesis calculates the GENIX using the prices of the Gudix Nuts, prices of the token and other parameters. If the prices change, GENIX (GNX) usually changes too. On the one hand, the Gudix Ledger controls the number of transactions of the DAG technology via the Genesis module in order to secure them and to validate and sign them quickly. On the other hand, Genesis inhibits exponential growth via the GENIX factor and minimizes the risk of bubbles.

Genesis Module Ledger Technology