Gudix® NFT Contracts

A clear interface of licensed objects such as digital goods, information, services and everything else that the creative spirit of our contractual partners can create. Connect your object with the umbrella brand Gudix.

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gudix token technolgy
Name Quant Price 7d ROMI Collector ROMI Creator
Area51 5'000 1.00 2.29 12.09 120.97
SchaffhauserBatzen 43'989 0.40 5.34 28.10 281.07
genix 2'093 1.40 0.07 0.40 4.08
CryptoSpace 10 4.99 - - -
OneCoin 1'838 0.85 - - -

Digital property

A token can be used for many things. Almost EVERYTHING can be tokenized as long as it is legally sound. In most cases it is a right. On Gudix, tokens can also embody functions and are referred to as contracts. A token can be configured by the creator and is thus given a digital and legal form. For example, a digital product can be purchased and delivered in the Gudix Store on the one hand, and ownership of the product can be acquired via the token on the other. As a result, sales are distributed proportionally among the owners.

ROI (Return on Marketing Investment)

Genesis is an algorithm that analyzes and localizes value sources. Genesis can judge whether the Gudix brand has grown in value. If this is the case, the value found is credited to the contractual partner and is immediately available. Genesis assesses the valueperformance continuously, which is based on organic, system-wide parameters, i.e. the payout varies extremely. The value given in the list corresponds to a snapshot and is real, but not binding. The value is given in Swiss Francs per day. The value is calculated on the basis that the owner owns the complete number of units that are available in the Exchange and with the Performance 100 license

Genesis algorithm