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EVERY touch starts the branding process and creates value.

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Invest in the world's most successful eBusiness platform.

Determine your budget and let the platform work for you. Gudix® generates touchpoints and generates return on marketing investment for you.



Let the platform work for you.



Return generally increases. Your direct touchpoints pay off optimally.



Touchpoints can be reused. Unlimited simultaneous touches are possible.

Intellectual or ingenious? You decide.

Marketing deals with the perception of values and communication. The goal: Profitability. Added value must be understood. To understand, information has to be communicated. Information is received via touchpoints. A Gudix touchpoint is an isolated marketing touchpoint. With every touch, marketing becomes more profitable from the inside out. Profitability becomes profit and profit is return on marketing investment. Happy earnings.

Tips and Tricks

Two users that connect via a touchpoint start the branding and create value. The yields increase with the number of different connections

The gained value is monetized by Gudix GmbH immediately after the branding against CHF, USD or euros.

An infinite number of brandings can be carried out. To get a profit, you need two users with touchpoints. The income is divided.

The higher the marketing investment, the more brandings are carried out in the background. Users benefit from each other, even if investments are made unilaterally.

A QR code is a touchpoint and connects two users. The connection can only be established once within 4 hours.


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