Gudix® Nuts
Digital Vouchers

Gudix® Nuts are digital vouchers with real brand value. You can redeem it, send it, receive it, sell it or give it away.



For those who are undecided who want to get a taste of it first



For those who know how valuable a brand can be.



For freaks who want to discover the vastness of the digital world.

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What are nuts?

Gudix® Nuts are cryptographically cryptographically secured vouchers.

How are nuts created?

Nuts are created through the performance of licensed partners. The more a partner does, the more nuts are cryptographically secured and distributed.

Can you buy something with nuts?

Nuts are digital vouchers for our portfolio.

How can you make money with nuts?

Depending on the value of the Gudix brand, the value of the nuts varies. If the brand value increases, the value of the nuts increases.

Exchange nuts without licence?

Nuts can be sold to Gudix GmbH at any time.

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Gudix® Nuts - Features

As a digital vourcher and without being a crypto currency, the Gudix® Nuts offer various advantages. Particularly noteworthy are the facts that Gudix® Nuts are transferred and confirmed immediately and that there are no transaction fees.

cryptographically encrypted

Every Nut can be moved in cryptographic form, this makes it digitally accessible and can be traded, collected, sent and even printed out.

Cross-platform, high availability

Gudix offers a cross-platform interface over HTTPS to be able to access from any device with internet access.

No transaction fees

There are no transaction fees at any time. Gudix® Nuts can be moved from A to B 100% free of charge.

Real-time transaction confirmation

A transaction is carried out and confirmed within a few tenths of a second.

Exchange platform

An exchange platform for buying and selling is included. It is clearly structured and self-explanatory.

integrated E-commerce solution

We provide a free E-commerce solution for digital products.

Your opinion, my opinion ...

Network Brand Ambassador Manuel

Der Inhalt ist gut und übersichtlich aufgebaut. 1000 Franken sind nicht gerade wenig, wie ich finde. Ich bin heute selbständiger Consultant. Den Store brauch ich nicht. Mein Fokus liegt auf dem Franchisingkonzept. Von dem her hat es sich gelohnt. Falls jemand mehr wissen will, schreibt mich an.


Selbständiger Consultant

Network Brand Ambassador Melina

Ich bin seit Beginn dabei und der Wert steigt mehr oder weniger konstant. Neben den gekauften Nuts verdien ich auch schon Nuts als Ambassador. Falls jemand Fragen hat, kann er mich gerne kontaktieren. Viele Grüsse, Melina 💚