Benefit from increasing brand value

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Value / Share
Digital brand equity alias Gudix Nuts are shares in the Gudix brand. You can buy them and their value will go up.

Digital Brand Value

As the owner of Gudix Nuts, you own a small part of the protected brand. With a real value, the nuts can be traded, collected, shipped, sold and even printed on paper. The Gudix Nuts that you own are entirely yours.

Increase in value

A positive characteristic of a brand is its increase in value. A brand becomes more valuable through many criteria, such as awareness. The better known the brand, the more valuable it is. We, Gudix GmbH, have committed ourselves to strengthening our brand so that you, as a co-owner, benefit from the increasing brand value.

The brand value increases. Collect trade with Gudix Nuts, the digital brand equity. Buy cheap now and wait until the value rises.
Buy cheap and sell more expensive on the Gudix marketplace, where Gudix nuts are traded.


We recommend keeping the Nuts until the value is appropriately high. The longer you hold the Nuts, the more valuable they become. If you really can't wait any longer, you sell the nuts on our marketplace. The marketplace is simple and straightforward. In theory, 2 clicks are enough and the nuts are sold.

Ambassador Network

You have the opportunity to present yourself in the name of Gudix in the market of influencers, networkers and marketers. You are licensed if you own 10 Gudix Nuts. With our Ambassador module, we provide you with a powerful tool. There are lucrative commissions waiting.

Establish new contacts and generate brand equity with the networking module. This creates Gudix Nuts.