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SMART is object-oriented, organic growth in a digital blank.

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Thank you very much for your order and nice that you are on board. Please copy the code below, log in and import the object in the dashboard.

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We are pleased that you want to create such a valuable object. Please contact the Gudix crew.

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By concluding this contract, Gudix GmbH is commissioned to create and tokenize the object. The amount has to be paid once. This is a tokenization service. The object is delivered as cryptographic code. With the delivery, the order on the part of Gudix is completed and ownership of the object passes to the customer. The property can then be uploaded to the cloud by the buyer.

gudix networker

What is a node?

A tokenized medium for information, rights and values. We also call it digital blank. A smart object is a digital good in your possession.

What's smart about that?

Smart is the technology that allows the property to be owned and managed. A smart object can be shaped and filled in an abstract way. It can be programmed like a digital project. You can work on, with or for a smart object that makes an object grow.

The cloud of growth.

Completely independent and programmed for infinite, universal growth. The token cloud is a virtual investor for smart objects.

Receive profit every day.

The Gudix® Ledger, which secures the object cloud, is dependent on smart objects. That is why you will be rewarded when your object is uploaded to the cloud


If your object grows, the daily profit increases. Smart objects, or parts of them, can be sold at any time.

Global Income

Your opinion, my opinion ...

Network Brand Ambassador melina

I had a very good experience with Gudix. At first I was skeptical and bought the collector. Today I am a Creator customer. It all works like this: First you buy a package and then you create your company. The more valuable the company, the more nuts you get every day, which you can then sell at the push of a button. I earn around 30 euros every day with the Creator Package !!

Write to me if you have any questions. You can find my Telegram ID behind the blue link on the right. Kind regards, Melina


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