Gudix® Token Technology
DAG DLT Cloud Service

With Gudix® DAG DLT Token Cloud we offer a secure platform to create, tokenize, save and exchange data and values. The technology simplifies the creation of private tokens and utility tokens and makes different value structures compatible. The standardization means that exchanges are superfluous. Tokens according to the Gudix protocol are compatible.

Ledger Technology Generation X - GENIX

low memory requirements

Designed for tokenization, we only store information that must be used by the leger for transaction confirmations.


A JSON API interface makes the Gudix Ledger accessible for every application. As a developer, you will find the necessary information in the Interface area. As an end user, you can control the ledger via the user interface using the login button.


We admit that our encryption consumes a lot up server performance, but a transaction only takes a fraction of a second to be confirmed.


Transparency is not one of our strengths, as we have designed our focus on maximum security. You can only access the right information with the right keys.


We expand our ledger according to the requirements of our customers and users. Customer-specific modules can be added to the existing technology.

Quantum security

As far as we know, a multilayer security concept makes the Gudix Ledger the one of the safest token technology.

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Visualization Gudix® Token Cloud


Each transaction forms its own validation chain and is part of other chains. A transaction validates and signs the connected values of the nullets (wallets), which validate each other. Previous transactions and at least 2 nullets are involved in every transaction, which forms a connection network that is invariably signed. Each connection network depends on other connection networks.

A nullet receives a value via the transaction from another nullet. If the nullet is no longer attached to any current transaction and no longer has any value, it will deleted from the ledger, but is created again when it is evaluated. Graphically displayed, the nullet lights up, passes on the value and fades again when it contains no value anymore.

The nullets are adjacent in the graph but may cause the value transferred to another field. Whenever a new field appears, the value was transferred to another field in an oversized manner by means of a transaction, creating a field, a new connection network or also called a matrix.