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We create an object from your project and save it as a token in our cloud. Your token is yours. Find out what your object is worth and make it tangible.

Object Token by Gudix®

A form-free token with universal uses cases. The object token is created and managed by natural persons on the basis of a digital goods.

Economic stability

One cause of instability is money with no intrinsic value called fiat money. A object token has a digitally signed intrinsic value and thus ensures economic stability.

economic promotion

Due to the free token design, the object token can be used or designed individually. A natural person can work on, for or with a token, so the object token concept fits into the economy and creates new branches of the economy.

4-level concept

Free token design at the level of the individual. Signed, intrinsic value by a legal person, the Gudix company. Controllable and establishable at the state level. Digitized interchangeability on an international level.

Organic value creation

The organic concept assumes that minimum standards are specified, such as the signature of the inner value. Like a company, the value of the token can grow organically and generate a market value in addition to a inner value.

Digital ecosystem

The object token is part of a digital ecosystem that regulates and promotes itself independently. The integrated regulation module actively inhibits the formation of bubbles.

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the first object

Your token is your project. Log in and create your first token in the dashboard. Name your project with a unique identification and define in how many units your token should be divided. In order to create, secure and upgrade your token, you need nuts. You can get these either in the nuts exchange or here. It is best to buy a few nuts in advance so that you are flexible.

Create a token in the dashboard

Give value / increase value

Every nut has intrinsic value. The moment you attach nuts to your token, the ledger fetches the value from the nuts exchange, signs it and attaches it to your token in the form of XCHF. You wait until the price of the nuts is appropriately high, then you deposit the nuts on your token so that the intrinsic value is fixed.

FiXed value XCHF

We call XCHF the digital gold, because XCHF is the intrinsic value of your token. When the ledger pours out new nuts, it is based on the price of the nuts and the intrinsic value of the token. If you deposit the nuts at the right moment, the intrinsic value of your token is set accordingly high and secured, which means that you will receive more nuts in the future.

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schaffhauser batzen

Genesis Profit

The sum of all inner values XCHF from your object tokens results in the value for Genesis. Genesis is the ledger's vitalization program and automatically pours out new nuts for token holders every day. Nuts have real value and can be traded on the Nuts Exchange. The profit can also be used to make your object tokens even more valuable.

Public listing

Your object will be listed on the marketplace if at least 100 nuts are stored and if there is at least one sale bid. Only 50 token projects are listed, sorted according to the number of stored nuts. The exchange for your token is already accessible as soon as it is created.


GENIX is an indexed snapshot of the sales prices of the nuts (profit), purchase prices of the tokens and the distribution based on the intrinsic value. GENIX states how much profit in % the token makes within one year with the possession of the complete intrinsic value of the token, if the sales prices of the nuts and purchase prices of the tokens remain as they are. GENIX is variable. If the value of the nuts or the token increases, GENIX also changes.

Selling a object

Each token has its own exchange from when it is created, where the token can be traded. To do this, click on the token in the dashboard and select the blue button Exchange. The Exchange URL is made up of, where :tokenid stands for the ID that you gave the token. In theory, you can offer your token for sale now. Anyone who has the Exchange URL can trade your token with one account. So that a trade with your token occurs, we give you 2 valuable tips

Profit optimization

you screw on GENIX by storing further nuts at the right moment and/or you discount the sales prices of your token offers. If GENIX increases with your exposure, it is lucrative to own because it generates high profits through Genesis.

Project information

Your token is your project. Share project information with the public. You can add information to your token. If these are worth something, the token has a correspondingly high market value. For example, if you have a website that is connected to your token, you can include information with the "url" field and the corresponding URL as the field value. The token exchange then refers to the corresponding website, such as the nuts exchange. A whitepaper URL can be included with the "whitepaper" field. Further fields are listed in the respective token exchange at the end of the page. Tokenized information that is incorporated cannot be changed for the time being.

To incorporate information, press the object token in the dashboard, then click "upgrade". Fields are only included if you own more than 50% of the respective token. Each data entry requires a groove or at least 1 XCHF.

By connecting to a website, you can attach a topic to your token or connect existing projects. For example, you can sell parts of your Instagram profile, your YouTube channel, your Twitter account, individual posts. You can sell entire domains or websites, you can dispose of parts of your property. In theory, you can sell yourself as a person or offer hours of work for sale. You can create event tickets, you can raise money for a good cause. You can create your own currency that can be used to pay on your website. You can raise capital for your project, carry out an ICO. In theory, you can also simply create an informal token that has an interested party name and try to sell the token, like a reserved domain. You can even sell your grandmother if you want, but we don't recommend it. The possibilities are endless.

Please note that the inclusion of further information may change the token to a token that is required to be published in a prospectus, which means that state regulations must be taken into account. If you use your token as a means of payment, you are obliged to have your token approved.

Upgrade token + deposit URL

A token is digital information that is divided into a certain number of units and that the holder is entitled to use. At the beginning, the object token is an private base token. The token changes form depending on the area of application and purpose.


To create a object token, you need utility tokens, these are called Gudix® Nuts. Nuts are used to access the Gudix Ledger, to encrypt and to store data.


Tokens created on the Gudix Ledger are informal and serve as base tokens for future activities. You create a private token that is your property and that only you can dispose of. Like a personal email address you create a personal token.


How you use your token is up to you. Depending on the intended use, the legal requirements and state regulations that you have to accept. A purely private token that defines a private good is regulated like a private good, your property.


Since a token can be anything that has to do with digital information, its purpose is as varied as the form that the token can be given. Using a token, you can theoretically set up a company, create a means of payment or a digital piggy bank. You can also use the token to send and receive information like you would with an email address. You can give a token the function of a receipt. The token can be your digital base to store value, and much more.


There are 2 ways to give the token a monetary value and these two ways lead to 2 different definitions of value that we can measure. These are the book value and the market value. The book value is the signed intrinsic value of the token, the secured value that can only be increased. Market value is also known as emotional value, it can go up and down and is influenced by the book value.


You can work with, for or on a token. Depending on the token definition, the procedure differs and leads to a changed book and / or market value. In order to increase the market value, external resources and activities are usually necessary. e.g. marketing activities can increase the market value of your token. If the token is traded on the Gudix Exchange, we can measure the market value.

The book value, on the other hand, indicated as XCHF, can only be increased via a value signature, which the Gudix Ledger can measure and document from internal, digital information. The signature gives the token an unchangeable intrinsic value. For example, the ledger needs electricity to operate. These electricity costs are paid by the company Gudix GmbH, the company Gudix GmbH has an intrinsic value. Since the token is stored on the Gudix Ledger, the company can ascribe a proportionate share of the intrinsic value to the token, as long as the token was created using the company's tools. This is done, for example, via the value of the nuts. By including nuts, the intrinsic value of your token can be increased.


An increased value, which is given in XCHF, has various advantages.

Advantage 1 - vitalization
The Gudix Ledger is an economical, organic instrument. Its task is to secure, validate and sign the transactions. Due to the DAG architecture (Directed Acyclic Graph), the ledger can only secure a transaction if further transactions are available that can be linked to one another in an unchangeable manner. In order to maintain a minimum number of transactions, these are provoked by the distribution of new Gudix Nuts, the utility tokens of the ledger. The ledger is based on the intrinsic value of the token and distributes nuts to the owner of the token. This process is called vitalization. The ledger basically vitalizes itself, as the distribution is processed through transactions and the nuts distributed are used again for further transactions.

Advantage 2 - market value development
The vitalization from benefit 1 means that token holders of tokens with a high intrinsic value receive more nuts than holders of worthless tokens. The vitalization process is comparable to mining / prospecting in a decentralized system, such as the blockchain or with a dividend of a share. A share with a high dividend is more in demand than a share without a dividend, so a token with a higher degree of vitalization is more in demand than a token from which no new nuts arise. The degree of vitalization of a token is given as Genesis or, a variable index that indicates how much profit the token will generate in percent in a year if no changes are made to the market value of the token and the nuts. The advantage is that a general demand is directed towards this token, which is the most profitable, which contributes to the development of the market value.


That your token is traded requires a demand. Due to the high intrinsic value and the resulting vitalization, we increase profitability of your token, which can boost demand. When you create a token that is to be traded, the most important thing is which function is assigned to the token. Please note the state regulations when making a token tradable. Depending on the intended use, external measures are necessary to increase the demand for your token.


A object token is privatized and has an elementary intrinsic value. Due to the informal digital availability, a object token is suitable as digital commodity money, primitive money or representative money. Intrinsic value offers a safe alternative in economic crises.


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