Gudix® Franchise

We are convinced that everything can be learned. For this reason, we assume that successful network marketing is a question of decision. Let's walk the path of growth together. We create systems and face the challenge of monetizing abstract value. With the necessary tools, we will create the future together. If you have decided to go the way of the king, we would like to introduce ourselves as a franchise company.

discipline of the king

Our offer, your chance

Our brand is our fuel. As an intangible good, it has a recorded value on the balance sheet. A brand is similar to a patent and is often referred to as an intellectual property, we call it an intellectual good. Like a piece of jewelry, it can be sold or pledged. The Crypto Nuts are shares in the Gudix brand. As cryptographic units, the Gudix Nuts are digital packages with which we can do business.


Don't think about an elephant! What are you thinking about? Right, the elephant. The information has evolved and has become more valuable.


The crypto nuts are NEW and unique. We are the only ones and the first to develop a cryptographic brand.


Nuts are made up of information. Information is replicated through communication. The nuts have become a little better known and more valuable.


As an intellectual asset, you market our crypto nuts in the real world.


The servers are online, everything is legally approved, the trademark is registered and protected, we are ready for you.


If you agree with us that everyone on this planet should have nuts, you see the potential.

Why we win

The idea that a brand becomes more valuable through awareness is abstract. Information has the property that it is communicated. When it arrives at the recipient, it unfolds its value in an abstract way. Information is needed to create awareness. Awareness leads to brand value.

With the world's first cryptographic brand, we own a product with which we are opening up a new market. We go the way of the king. Equipped with Gudix Nuts, the path of the modern and successful Gudix® Consultant begins right now.

Business model

A Gudix® Consultant communicates with people, he's a networker. It conveys information and thereby generates a conversion, the success rate. A consultant who does not communicate is not a networker. The tools of our consultants are informations, intellect and a trademark license agreement .

gudix networker

How many nuts does the networker have?

The more nuts the networker hold, the more nuts he will earn. The more value you give, the more value you will get.

How long should you hold the nuts?

The longer you hold the nuts, the more valuable they become.

How much effort do you have to put in??

Without communication, the networker does not earn any nuts. The system rewards more effort with more nuts. Be a lion.

Do you have to be extremely intelligent?

A monkey will neither buy nor sell nuts. He will neither read nor understand this text, unlike a lion. Be a lion.

Monkey's method

Login instructions

You try it, buy a few nuts, ask your people to read this text with your reflink, 5 minutes of effort per day, you get little out.

Lion's method

You understand the system, you already have or are building a network, you buy 1000 nuts or more, you develop a communication concept, you are a leader and infect people and earn more every month.

Kings's method

call now

You are already the king, call us and say the code word "Golden Nuts". We listen to.