No Access to networking module

Um diesen Bereich freizugeben, musst du mindestens das Hunter-Paket erwerben.

Module Pre-Sale

Check your friends' nut stocks

Create viral campaigns with cashback functionality

Configure your showcase page

Pre-fund friends when they create a free account

Get access to the latest marketing material

Contact your downline via the GudixNetBot

Send nuts to your downline simply and easily

Benefit from the 8-step commission plan in the Exchange

Get an overview of all interested users who have registered via your Reflink

Check how many people have been recruited from your people

Get access to the Telegram usernames of your downline and prospects

Networking via the Ambassador Network and thereby generating brand value that is sold on the marketplace.


If you have understood by now that nuts are needed to store your private token on our ledger, your token has real intrinsic value such as gold, the nuts can currently be bought in advance for less than CHF 0.01 and from July 1st .2021 can be so sold for a minimum price of CHF 0.01, then let's go one step further:

30% 30% commission

+ 5% 30% commission

The most exclusive partner program in the world

Log in to receive your referral links. If someone you have referred purchases nuts in advance, you will benefit from the 8-step affiliate program. Valid until June 30th, 2021.

Commission layers token

Level 1
Level 5
Level 2
Level 6
Level 3
Level 7
Level 4
Level 8


The commission rates may be adjusted by Gudix GmbH. Each level is calculated in addition to the levels achieved. The ratio of the paid commissions adjusts to the ratio between own groove stock and the sold vouchers. Example: The advertising partner owns 100 nuts and sells a voucher of 200 nuts, so he only receives 50% of the nuts that he would have received on the commission basis level 1 (30%).

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