Organic® Staking

Organic® Staking

Receive US dollars, euros or Swiss francs with organic staking in the Gudix ® Oasis.

Receive US dollars, euros or Swiss francs with organic staking in the Gudix® Oasis.

in just 3 Steps

Find a replica to get access to the Oasis. Ask replica owner if you can replicate it.

Let the replica grow. Oasis generates profit for you. Create a compound interest effect.

Receive tax-free profit in fiat money.


3 reasons why you should replicate an access to oasis if you can find one:


Most people are smart, recognize the trend, and take the chance.


Many already benefit daily and would like to invite you.

Once connected to the oasis, the ecosystem begins to grow and generate profit.


Look for a community member who trusts you and takes you into the digital world of Oasis®

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A replica is a personal access to the Oasis®

The availability of replicas is limited and the price increases with each replication.

Replica No. 1 is the most valuable and expensive replica in the world.

The value of each replica increases automatically and continuously.

Replication increases the return on investment in the medium term.

An optimized replica causes compound interest.

Replicas are privately owned and only affordable under the table.

Replicas cannot be traded, they are created and installed.

You can only install 1 replica.

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How Oasis® works

Oasis is unique and great at the same time! A network of replicas, systemically relevant subjects such as a central administration, the Genesis growth algorithm and the unique intrinsic measurement method. A replica is a real digital organism that interacts with its environment and its owner. It's a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with 3 functions: Growth, profit and replication.

Replicas are stimulated to growth by the environment and by put in some tokenized valule, which generates profit. The replication creates new replicas, which in turn strengthen the ecosystem and lead to system-wide profit payments.


If you can find a replica, you can replicate it near the top of this page. In order to activate the connection to the Oasis, it must be installed. If you do not already have an account, the installation code will be sent by email and must be installed in the Account area. If you already have an account and you're logged in, the replica will install itself. After the installation, the first thing you should do is to subscribe the Gudix-Momentum-Kanal. The replica can be seen in the account and contains information on optimization. Your replica performance is organic, which means that it is continuously calculated and changes. With the purchase of additional licenses and with the administration of your network, the replica can be optimized and the profit increased.

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Even if we are digital, we are a real company. Our development center is located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It is our top priority that Replica Access Points are perfectly optimized in order to be maximally profitable. Please contact Telegram for an interactive support session.

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Intrinsic® Marketing

The company Gudix GmbH continuously invests into the Oasis. The better your replica is optimized, the higher the payments you will get.

Intrinsic Marketing Decentralized value creation


A cell that divides is cut in half and slowly rebuilds. If the cell had some value, both cells end up having the same value. The cell has replicated. This is how the replica protocol works.

Replica protocol