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We asked ourselves what is the core of every company and how we can optimize it. The goal is to reach your full potential. In doing so, we found that it was all about value, commitment, transaction and time. We have developed a platform with which we can automate and optimize business processes and imply additional value. We don't want to waste time because time is more valuable than money. We make things more valuable!

Your product,
our brand

As a licensed partner, you have the right to use the Gudix brand. You create a digital image of your property and combine it with the Gudix brand.

Increasing brand value

Using a complex measurement process, we continuously measure the Gudix brand value. If the Gudix brand becomes more valuable, so will your product. As a licensed partner, the added value is paid out to you every day!

Realize your full potential

With Gudix you concentrate on your potential, everything else can be digitized and automated. Do you still work or do you live already?



Mining Node™ +19

create up to 3 NFT

top up NFT

private NFT exchange

eCommerce module

genesis module

Selling Nuts



Collector Package+

Mining Node™ +100

Banking transactions

create up to 10 NFT

custom Root ID (RID)

public NFT listing

GudixÂŽ Nuts Exchange



Hunter Package+

Mining Node™ +1'000

create guarantee contracts

create umlimited NFT

JSON:API support

premium support


Gudix Net is basically an e-commerce platform through which contractual partners can sell their products directly to end customers. Gudix is the contractual partner towards the customer. In order to regulate the ownership of the offered products, Gudix has developed a system to regulate these with the contractual partners. The internal tokenization makes it possible to regulate the ownership of the products between Gudix and the contractual partners. So that the products that are sold through the Gudix Store also enjoy legal trademark protection, the products are licensed with a trademark license agreement. A licensed product bears the Gudix brand and the owner, as a contractual partner, is entitled to sell the product through the Gudix store. The Gudix Nuts were developed to simplify the licensing of the products. Gudix Nuts conform to a trademark license agreement. A product that has been upgraded with nuts is licensed. Contract partners in the possession of Gudix Nuts are also licensed contract partners or also called ambassadors.


A trademark in the legal sense is a protected mark with which a company differentiates its goods or services from those of other companies. In connection with, all products and services bear the gudix brand. A trademark license agreement is required to label a product or service with the gudix brand. Products are licensed by a licensed contract partner, the Ambassador.


A NFT is a tokenized medium consisting of an ownership right, a right of use, a contract and a trademark, whereby the content of the NFT can be completely configured. The issuer of a NFT is the contractual partner and not the Gudix company itself. The NFT can thus correspond to a pure token, but also just to a contract or a right of use.

On, an NFT is also referred to as NFT contract due to the configuration options and corresponds to a digital blank. The tokenization service of the Gudix platform is intended exclusively for internal purposes and has no use in the financial market. The purpose of the token is that the ownership and licensed use of digital goods in connection with the gudix brand can be regulated. The token can be assigned to a product, a service or a contract, giving it a legal form. A token on the gudix platform is always associated with the gudix brand. A token holder is always the contractual partner who is in possession of the tokenized NFT. Gudix provides the technology to create and manage the token and provides the brand license that is linked to the token and thus the tokenized product.


There are 2 approaches. On the one hand, there is the question of whether the product should be offered for sale and delivered in the e-commerce sector, and on the other hand, who is the owner of the product. Products that are sold through the Gudix Store are checked prior to publication, as Gudix is liable. If the product is tokenized, this will be displayed on the e-commerce product page. A tokenized product means that there may be different owners and that the profit that is proportionately shared between the owners through the sale of the product.


We have developed an algorithm that measures the value of a product or license, determines and analyzes the value of the brand and how this value came about. Licensed tokens, products or services of the gudix brand receive added value when the gudix brand becomes more valuable. In the video example (see above) we compare the value of the brand using a shoe. A shoe without a brand costs 50 euros and with a brand name 120. The brand value of the shoe is 70 euros. If the brand value of the shoe changes, the value of the shoe would also change. If we continually redefine the value of the brand, the legal owner of the shoe would also have to continuously adjust the price or value because the licensed shoe is the combination of product and brand. In order for the value and the price of the shoe to be stable, gudix pays out the determined added value to the owner and licensed contractual partner.


Determining the value of a brand is a very complex topic and measuring it is difficult too. Due to digitization, we have the information we need to create a determination matrix from it. With the help of the information matrix, we determine the brand value, the brand strength and the source of value. This algorithm is called Genesis. Genesis rates the brand. Many criteria play a role, we would like to give an example from everyday life here:

Bob is wearing the new shoes, which cost 120 euros. Bob presents the new shoes to his friend Carlos. Carlos notices the shoes, but does not buy them immediately. Carlos notices that Alice bought the shoes too. Alice and Bob are both satisfied with the new shoes. Carlos is manipulated completely unconsciously and ultimately also buys the shoes. If 10 unconscious touchpoints were counted until Carlos also bought the shoes, which also contain a brand value of 70 euros, in this example it can be rudimentarily calculated that one contact corresponds to a brand value of 7 euros.


Gudix nuts have different functions. At the technical level, they encrypt data and save the data in a compatible form in the Gudix Core. The Gudix Core is a private ledger (DLT) that maps ownership in a tamper-proof manner. Nuts can be enriched with information and then saved in the core. Due to the fact, nuts are a right to transfer data to the Gudix Core.

From a marketing point of view, Gudix Nuts correspond to the brand value of a product. The more nuts are tied to a product, the more valuable the product becomes. Since the product is a combination of product and brand, Gudix Nuts correspond to the digital brand value and thus also to that part of the product that is simply defined as a brand. Since a product must be licensed in order to be labeled with the Gudix brand, Gudix Nuts also comply with the trademark license agreement. In turn, product licensing can only be concluded by a licensed ambassador. A licensed ambassador is someone who has a trademark license agreement with the Gudix company.


The Ambassador is a licensed contract partner. He advertises or licenses products or services of the gudix brand. To become a licensed ambassador, all you need to do is accept the brand license agreement and the general terms and conditions. This is done by purchasing an Ambassador license for Collector, Hunter or Creator.


You need a license agreement. Choose between Collector, Hunter or Creator.

To be completely honest, you can upgrade your license at any time, but we recommend to start at least with the Hunter license. Because you can only convert the nuts we produce for you into real money immediately with a Hunter license and because the 4-step matrix gives you significantly more returns then only the 2-step matrix. The 8 step matrix from the Creator package would of course be perfect. The more levels, the higher the yield.

If you have decided on a license agreement, you are a contractual partner. Contract partners can create digital products and can use the e-commerce area. If you ordered by email, we will send the license to you by email. Please copy the license code and enter it in the dashboard under Voucher. A few nuts are included, but these are not profitable due to the small amount.

Create a product. You can upgrade the product at any time. As soon as nuts are used for the product, the software will determine the price from the exchange and confirm the corresponding value for your product. This value is the intrinsic value. The higher the intrinsic value of your product, the higher the income it will generate.

The value of your product + the ambassador license are mass-generated for Genesis to determine brand value. You can see how much profit you can expect in the Genesis section of the dashboard. Optimize the performance to 100% for maximum profit. You can find more about optimization here:


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